Thoughts: Lifetrak BRITE R450

Been looking for a fitness watch / tracker for a while but  put off the purchase, as I can’t seem to find one with decent battery life or suitable design.

When Axtro Sports team offered me a chance to try the BRITE R450 by LifeTrak, a model with a 6 months battery life, I jumped on it and spent the following 2 weeks, tracking my fitness with the review unit.


LifeTrak BRITE R450

Before I share my usage experience, here’s the press release write up with slight edits / add-ons from me:

The LifeTrak BRITE R450, the latest flagship model from LifeTrak, is a comprehensive fitness tracker that takes activity and fitness tracking to the next level – imagine 24‐HR life tracking!

In addition to basic activity tracking, BRITE R450 uses your ECG accurate heart rate data to give you more accurate and personalized calorie‐burn information and to enable you to optimize your personal fitness. BRITE R450 is able to constantly track on levels of exposure to light and to the important blue wavelength. At appropriate times of the day, it lets you know when you’re not getting enough or too much blue light, so you can take steps to improve your mood and energy levels and prepare for a better night’s rest.

BRITE R450 automatically knows when you fall asleep or take a nap and nudges you awake with a gentle vibrating alarm, at the optimal time based on your own sleep quality data, to make sure you awake refreshed. BRITE R450 notifies you when you’ve fallen behind or almost accomplished your goals to keep you motivated.

BRITE R450 supports up to 8 types of smartphone notifications, including Calender Reminders, IM, SMS, reminders and notifications from your favourite apps, to help you stay connected on the go and keep you constantly in the loop.

It syncs with the LifeTrak app (currently available for iOS, Android version will be ready by early 2015 for selected devices) via Bluetooth, saving more than 7 days of your data so you may get deeper insights and long-term tracking for a healthy fitness habits.

Wear this personalized intelligence on your wrist anywhere, anytime and all the time because it’s water resistant and you will never need to wear a chest strap or having to recharge it!



As I do not have prior review experience with a smartwatch or fitness tracker, there wouldn’t be any product to product comparison. Just purely my experience sharing with the BRITE R450.


Setting the fitness tracker up took me around 30mins. If I were to compare it with setting up / getting the hang of tech gadgets for other types of usage, I found it relatively easy… perhaps on a scale of complexity, 2/5.


As seen on the press release, the fitness tracker while sync with Bluetooth to your phone will prompt you of any incoming email, message or call. This particular function seems similar to what’s offered by smart watches in the tech market, prompting notifications while on the move. In this case, for that morning, a calender alert for to remind me of the Canon Photomarathon I was set to attend.


Now let’s look at the strap.
There were sufficient adjustment holes on the strap and my guess, it should fit most users’ wrist. There wasn’t any itching or discomfort, even after a long day of usage or gym session with the fitness tracker. My friends threw me a question, as they were wondering if it’ll unbuckle itself, like some of their trackers did after prolong usage. Based on my 2 weeks with it, no such incident.

As for battery life, it’s said to last for 6 months on a normal watch battery (CR2032), so no charging necessary. Which is definitely a plus point for me, since I’m quite forgetful when it comes to charging or bringing an extra cable.


Now that we covered the fitness tracker, on to the LifeTrak app. (download it here – iTunes link)


To track my daily, weekly and monthly fitness goals, I downloaded the LifeTrak app which is currently available (working relatively well) for iOS. If you own older LifeTrak tracker models with BlueTooth sync ability (e.g. C300 and C410), you should be able to see them on the list for sync, like the R450. The Android version of the app is said to be ready by early 2015, as seen in the press release above.

News: “The Ultimate Pro Gamers Gathering” – MSI Beat IT Pro-Gamers’ Gathering

Local gamers had a glimpse of the exciting lives of professional gamers when they had the opportunity to interact with one of the world’s best and most recognised eSports team, Fnatic and watched Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg and Patrik ‘cArn’ Sättermon in action at the MSI Beat IT Pro-Gamer’s Gathering held at E2Max @ Cine on Wednesday (12 November 2014).

In a country where video games are ever-so-popular and a size-able part of entertainment and relaxation, it is of no surprise that the number of Singaporean pro-gamers has grown. Our pro-gamers are beginning to clinch top prizes in gaming competitions around the world and earning a living out of their passion for gaming.

MSI Beat IT Pro-Gamers’ Gathering was organized to offer budding local gamers an experience to learn about professional gaming and to hone their skills against the experts. Team Fnatic and MSI have been partners since 2009. MSI, with the input from Fnatic´s professional players, have created some of the most exciting gaming notebooks and hardware components.

The two legendary members of the world famous eSports team, Fnatic, were at the event to share their thoughts on their lives as professional gamers and impart their invaluable tips and must-have skills to succeed as professional gamers. Legendary Counter Strike player, former captain of the team and now Fnatic’s Chief Gaming Officer, Patrik ‘cArn’ Sättermon is one of the most recognisable faces in the world of PC gaming. Joining him is 22 year-old Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg who started gaming at a very early age as most gamers these days do. Famed ‘Devilwalk’ of Fnatic’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) rose to prominence when his team clinched back-to-back victories at the prestigious DreamHack Winter Championships. He now also coaches Fnatic’s CS:GO team who have dominated major competitions like FACEIT League Season 2 Championships and ESL One Cologne.

Gamers at the event, were elated at the opportunity to try their hand at three different gaming features at the Live Demo area and the chance to win attractive prizes. Of course, nothing compared to the chance to play with ‘Devilwalk’, ‘cArn’ and other local professional gamers in a bracket-system tournament.

“Since the inauguration of MSI Beat IT Tournament in 2010, MSI continues to create a platform for all gamers to showcase their skills and to compete with the best. We are proud to organize MSI Beat IT Pro-Gamers’ Gathering where visitors and budding local gamers have the opportunity to learn from the industry’s best while simultaneously creating a stage for them to play alongside and compete against the professionals and witness the legendary gamers in action. We hope that through this gathering we can help to inspire budding gamers and grow the eSports industry here in Singapore,” said Green Lin, Marketing Manager of MSI Notebook.


Information as kindly shared by MSI.
Photo credit – Micro-Star International Co. Ltd (MSI)

It’s nice to know our local gaming community is growing and getting recognized around the globe.
May those that desire a career as a  full time professional gamer, get their chance through hard work / training and various opportunities provided by gaming companies.