Photos: Thelma Aoyama, Girls Generation and 2NE1, from Asia Style Collection 2013

Sorry, major slow editing and update from me…

Here are my very amateurish and cropped photos of the J-Pop and K-POP stars:

– Thelma Aoyama (love her songs and showmanship, great performance from her and her team)

– 2NE1 (friendly, pretty and talented ladies. they got their fans singing along and very ‘high’!)

– Girls Generation (amazing how excited, happy and crazy (in a good way) some of the fans became, when they started performing. interesting sight :))




My thanks to Pickat SG and PR friends, for the chance to meet some of the artistes up close…
Like the mainstream media would.

I realized I have lots to learn in event photography, from the mainstream media photographers, professional photographers and bloggers…
An amazing experience, thanks guys 🙂



Photos of Asia Style Collection 2013 from my shifu – Geng Hui.