WP Theme: Personal

For those who were wondering what i’m up to…
Or spotted last evening’s and earlier’s multiple theme changing…

I was looking for a new theme for a refreshing change.
And after numerous (almost 300 themes), finally decided on this:


Theme: Personal
Site: WPDesigner

Neat, simple.


And thanks to Google, i’m now at PR3 :)

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0 Responses to WP Theme: Personal

  1. Chris says:

    nice theme, looks great! =)

  2. rinaz says:

    It looks very colourful and happy … like you! :)

  3. xinyun says:

    @ Chris:

    thanks :)

    @ rinaz:

    thanks dearie! *hugs*

  4. daphnemaia says:

    i love this theme. very cute but not overly so! :) im inspired to change my theme too.

    … but nah. i’m too lazy. haha.

  5. xinyun says:

    @ daph:

    go change to a hello kitty one :D