News: Striiv Band – Not Your Average Activity Wristband Tracker

As shared by Axtro Sports / JMD Pacific, Striiv Band, the new fitness tracker is now available in Singapore.

Not your average wristband activity tracker, with a two week battery life and scratch resistant glass screen, Striiv band does more than just track your daily activity and sleep quality. It turns your stats into a game, donating to charity, and competing with friends.

Striiv band tracks your steps, calories burned, distance, and minutes of activity. Checking your goal progress throughout the day with bright, easy to read LED indicator lights and you can sync it with your smart phone to view colorful weekly and monthly charts of your activity totals.

Striiv band also tracks your hours slept and times awakened, allowing you to view your data on a chart that shows not only the total hours slept each night but also monitor your sleep, to ensure you have good night’s rest.

What’s more is, users can share, compare or cheer on personal or friends’ daily results with the Striiv Smart phone App, which allows users link friends on Facebook, email, or text message. And, Striiv has partnered up with MyFitnessPal, the largest free online health community, so you can track your diet and nutrition along with your activity. MyFitnessPal allows you to track what you eat to meet your daily calorie goal and features the largest food database with over 2 million foods. Striiv links seamlessly to your MyFitnessPal account so you can see how much of your food intake is being walked / exercised off.

For those who’d love adding gaming fun to exercise, Striiv Band has that covered.

Myland is the first ever fitness based game on a pedometer. You will start with an enchanted island and your goal is to bring back the animals that inhabit the island by planting and building trees and places to live. Everything you build is based on how much you walk and run. So the more you move and exercise, the more you progress in game :)

Lastly, another interesting feature, Striiv is the only pedometer that counts every step you take toward a donation to charity. At no cost to the users, Striiv and corporate partners will donate on your behalf, so just keep walking / moving.

Check it out for yourself, at the following stores:
- Axtro Sports (#02-01 Peninsula Shopping Centre)
- Challenger
- Courts
- EpiCentre

The retail price – S$99.00 (inclusive of GST).

Product specifications:


Affordable and doesn’t require as much charging, unlike some trackers in market.
And adding gaming and charity aspects for a fitness tracker, nice touch :)

Wonder how it’ll do syncing up with my Xperia Z and/or Redmi Note.
Hopefully I’ll get a chance to check it out soon :)

Information and visuals as kindly shared by Axtro Sports / JMD Pacific.

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News: The New Yahoo Mail App: Your Mail, News and Info – in one glance

Mid of August, Yahoo announced the launch of its new Yahoo Mail app for both iOS and Android users in Singapore,  so that not just email but all information that’s most important to you every day is right at your fingertips.

The multi-talented app surfaces the information you search for every day– your email, news, weather and more — all in one place or app. The app is designed with a focus on simplicity: it’s the familiar Yahoo Mail experience, plus one-tap access to personalized, real-time information.

When you first open the Yahoo Mail app, your main page will be Yahoo Mail inbox. You’ll also see a new panel with icons for Mail, News and Today on your screens.

This is where all your news, information, and communications come together in one integrated experience.  The new Yahoo Mail on Android comes with a couple of unique features, simply swipe left or right or tap the relevant icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to quickly and seamlessly move between your inbox, news stream, and Today.

As part of this update, Yahoo is also introducing a new experience when you search for people in your inbox. When you start typing a name, Yahoo Mail offers smart search suggestions — including both people and messages — to help you narrow down your search. The app filters your search results by messages, files or photos, and you can easily scroll through them to find what you’re looking for.

When you’re finished reading and replying to your email, a quick tap on the News icon will show you what’s happening in the world around. From latest political developments, to business and economy to celebrity gossip – you will find all the news in the visually rich news stream.

In the Today icon you’ll find a snapshot of the information you care about most every day — from your local weather to a news digest and images from Flickr.

We’re excited to bring you the latest version of Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android phones, and we hope you find it to be a simple way to access your email, news, and other information all within a single app.

To enjoy this integrated and personalized experience in the new Yahoo Mail app, go to the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


For current or new Yahoo users, this will be a good to have on your mobile. Especially if you need to check or reply emails while on the road and check for related news and information.

Information and visuals as kindly shared by Yahoo Singapore.

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